Thursday, November 09, 2006

how the northeast has finally accepted college football

the rutgers-lousiville game was positively electric last night. and although i didn't go to the state university of new jersey, and although i grew up without really having a college football program to root for, and although i couldn't name one rutgers football player before this year, i really feel like a scarlet knight tonight.

what a game. and, more importantly, what a team.

that defense was suffocating against a strong louisville offense. and ray rice is one of the best running backs in the nation. great, great player. and it was completely touching when he was being interviewed after the biggest win in that region's college football history, and he just started crying in his mother's arms. wow. great stuff.

of course, rutgers doesn't have the heritage or budgets of a southeastern conference team. and they're probably not as good as those top teams with one loss. but the bcs is not about picking the best team. it's about picking the team that's having the best season. and rutgers is 9-0 and rising.

there's four unbeaten teams in the country, three after ohio state and michigan play, and two if you consider that the other is boise state. and that leaves rutgers, if they can close it out.

it would be a shame if they didn't get a chance to play for the national championship. their season would demand it.

but, at the very least, there's a major collge football program in the new york area. how cool is that?

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