Wednesday, September 07, 2005

how you can't trust the 'stache

as i took muni into work this morning, i sat across from a man with a rollie fingers "curly-q" mustache.

he wore suspenders, much like you would assume one with that mustache would.

he was burly, again meeting expectations.

picture him in your head.

yep, that's him - exactly.

except that he was reading a romance novel with a barechested fabio on the front cover.


i expected someone with that 'stache to be reading a book about civil war machinery. or maybe one about the best barroom brawlers of all time. or maybe one about home construction. i expected something manly.

but, then again, why? it is a "curly-q", after all, the most femininine of staches. maybe i believed only a man full of bravado can be brave enough to adorn lip fuzz like that.

maybe it's beefsteak charlie's fault. he had that 'stache, and he made steaks, and steaks are manly.

ugh. my world has been shaken.

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