Friday, September 23, 2005

how i love my hometown for all the wrong reasons

there's a t-shirt that old navy just made that says "staten island: just pave it".

i find that funny, considering i grew up in staten island and it's a cesspool.

but here's the best part of it: here's an article in the staten island advance in which staten islanders talk about how they like the shirt because it's about the bad roads in the borough.


in case you don't want to read through all the pain, here's some quotes.

again, this is for a shirt that says "Staten Island: Just Pave It":

"The shirt has nothing to do with new construction," said Damato, a builder since 1974. "This has to do with unpaved roads, like Amboy Road, needing to be paved."

"I take it to mean the roads really need paving, and they do. They're bad from all the traffic," said Enrico Cucco.

"I like it," said Angela Cucco, as she helped her husband unload groceries outside the Dongan Hills home of their daughter, Maria Mihailos. "You look at it [the steamroller] and you say, 'It's necessary.' Things have to be done; the roads have to be paved."

seriously. can you beat that?

i just love the idea that these people thought that old navy company, in conjunction with gap inc and banana republic, surveyed the geological and transportational hazards inherent within the five boroughs, did some research analysis by consulting with various construction companies and landscaping agencies, and thought that the best way to solve staten island's asphalt problems or even to just shed light on them is to display a call to action on a t-shirt that would sell for $8.

awesome. how i love my hometown.

(of course, there are others in the article who realize the humor. of course, i'm assuming those people also leave the island every so often and have an idea of perspective. which means, they found both of them.)


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Anonymous said...

i feel the same sort of sickening nostaglia for missouri. i want to make a $40 Urban Outfitters tee that says Missouri, otherwise known as Misery.

Anonymous said...

Now wait a minute. I'm a Staten Islander and proud of it. I know it is what it is. It is a nice place to live. It's a part of NYC yet not a part of NYC. You grew up there and you didn't turn out that bad. You've got some great friends there and they didn't turn out that bad. I do admit that SI does have some dirt but then again everyplace has some dirt that needs to be paved over. It's not the greatest place to live but it is not the worst. Believe me, we can all think of worse, way worse. It is funny how some people mis-interpreted the tee-shirt but that is where humor comes from.

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