Friday, September 30, 2005

how advertising can warp

i love what advertising can be. i hate what advertising has become.

i love the hope that i keep that one day, commercials would be thirty second films that would be better than the shitty sitcoms they interrupt, and that would cause television to raise their standards, which would cause advertisers to sharpen their tastes and take more risks. i love how the best ads are the best art you'll see and feel.

i hate how marketers use advertising to stain your perspective on things by painting a picture that might not normally be there, treating their audiences like idiots and talking to them as such by inundating them with stupid messages. it should be fun, like this website from bbdo where you get to nominate one of their employees to go to cannes. okay, it's not selling anything per se, but it's fun.

this is a joke, but it's true how all it takes is a good editor to give you an impression that isn't warranted, to twist how you should think about things. it might take awhile, but it's worth it. i laughed my ass off at the end, but it's everything can could be wrong about advertising.

and yes, i know this has been a ridiculous diatribe for a funny harmless bit.


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Anonymous said...

unlike the 3 other yahoos that have commented on here, i agree with you! everyday i struggle to create art, and alas, all people want me to do is sell diamonds inside a teddy bear. ug! i real Sally Hogshead's blog all the time about being inspired to work, but somtimes it's hard....oh so very hard. thankfully there are people like you and i that are trying our damdest to keep it real, son!

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