Tuesday, September 20, 2005

how mistakes are never learned

i don't watch "everybody loves raymond". i've seen a couple of episodes and i got it. it's the same ol' sitcom shit that's always been on and always will, except the writing is better.

that being said, there's no reason for a spinoff. but, supposedly brad garrett's getting his own series, and his character is moving away.

what genius! what a brilliant idea! that's never been done before! awesome work, cbs! you've one-upped us once more! hooray, television!

okay, sarcasm aside, spinoffs involving a semi-retarted main character moving away has never worked.

seriously, think about it:

joey was, and that failed.

gloria stivic acted like she was, and that failed.

someone named chachi had to be, and that failed.

i'll stop here. and before anyone e-mails me, frazier worked, but that's because he obviously wasn't semi-retarted. there was something smart in that series, that character, that allowed it to have its own feet to stand on. it's called depth.

depth. wow, now that's an idea to build upon.


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