Friday, September 30, 2005

how free time might not be the best time

with my freelance gig winding down, i was given today off. and what a gift - it's gotta be in the 80s without a cloud in the sky.

so, after bikram yoga last night that completely wiped me out, i decided to sleep in - which is something i never do. and with the day free, i've planned for a run and to sit in the park and do some writing. in short, really enjoy the outdoors today.

so i woke up around 10:30, checked my e-mail, walked around my apartment, got myself going, put on some running shorts and my ankle braces and, as i tied my sneakers, i put on the tv. but there's nothing really on at this time.

that is, except "jerry springer".

so springer it was.

an episode called "don't hurt the midget".


you know where i'll be for the next hour.

the weather can wait.

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