Sunday, September 18, 2005

how you can't be too early

as i waited for my flight to arrive as i headed back to oakland from los angeles, i happened to be the first person on line for priority B seating for southwest airlines (they switched gates, so i wound up going from last on line to first on line. don't be impressed. it just meant i got to sit further up in the plane).

aaaanyway, the first people on line for priority A seating were three raiders fans on the way up for their game against the chiefs in oakland. they were exactly how you would imagine raiders fans would be, and they were dressed from head to toe in black and silver and tattoos.

one of them wore facepaint. i asked him how did he was able to get through security. he told me that he painted it all on in the bathroom.

so picture the scene. three raiders superfans, one with facepaint, waiting on line in LAX.

our plane arrived at the gate, and as the passengers filed off, the raiders fans, and i shit you not, started to heckle everyone who walked off. some of it was pretty offensive and crude. and i would have been plenty pissed off if i weren't laughing my ass off internally at how completely ridiculous the whole scene was.

think about it: they were five hours and three hundred miles away from kickoff, and they had their game on.

i'm not saying i condoned it, but it was awesome.

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