Wednesday, September 21, 2005

how this could be the next big thing

there should be something - like the closed-captioned button - that you can press that eliminates the laugh track from tv shows.

humor is poking. humor is twisting. and, most importantly, humor is relative. not everyone is gonna find "the office" or "arrested development" funny (those people are also wrong), and not everyone is gonna find rob schneider to be funny either (and for good reason).

we laugh at things we can relate to, but not everybody can relate to the same things. so when everybody laughs, something is wrong. comedy is meant to offend. if it pisses someone off, it's done its job.

so there's no real point to laugh tracks, other than to cover up how unfunny their show is or, in a more revealing expose, to show us how stupid network producers think their audiences are. it's pandering and hand-holding to its most degrading form. "laugh here! that was funny! laugh here!....and here!...damn you, this is humor! laugh here!"

that's why laugh tracks make me sick.

where's that button?


Anonymous said...

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Jaime Schwarz said...

start with The War at Home. Funny until someone automated laughed before I could.

oh yeah, hey man, what's up!