Saturday, September 03, 2005

how we need pearl jam to keep fighting the good fight

here's the price breakdown of the two tickets i bought for the a's-yankees game through ticketmaster:

2 tickets @ $10.00 apiece. upper level. good seats.

the convenience fee is $3.75 per ticket, which, judging by the word "convenience", means i'm getting charged for the priviledge of not talking to a ticket vendor. or, even more simply, i'm getting charged a total of $7.50 for the convenience of me (not anyone else, but me) typing "" in my browser.

kinda makes you want to redefine "convenience".

on top of that, there's a $6.25 fee for them to redirect me from there to another website where i can print my tickets online.

why $6.25 instead of nothing? well, i'm assuming that's the price of a toll i have to pass through while travelling on the information superhighway.

so it cost me $33.25 to get $20 worth of tickets.

ticketmaster, be gentle with my ass.


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