Wednesday, September 28, 2005

how strange occurances can be ironic

had a very strange occurance as i took the train home this evening. i made a playlist called "nostalgia" on my ipod which is filled with songs that evoke something, whether it be a photo, joke, person or a memory. as i listened to "kate" by the ben folds five ("when words fail, she speaks/her mix tape's a masterpiece"), i was sure that the next song was to be "harvest moon" by neil young. i internally swore by it. and, lo and behold, it was.

the odd thing was that there's 46 songs in the playlist, and i had it on shuffle. that's like a 2% chance of me getting it right. but i felt it in my bones. there was no doubt.


anyways, a very unassuming woman sat next to me with her own set of earphones, except they were attached to her walkman - not a radio one, but a cassette player. i haven't seen one of them in years. in fact, while thinking about it, i realized that it's two generations old. i see people with discmans on the trains, and everybody's got an ipod, but seriously, over the past four years, this is the only one of these relics i've seen.

i didn't know what to say.

which made me wonder - is her mix tape her masterpiece?

hold this kate?

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