Sunday, September 04, 2005

how everything deserves questions

some quick thoughts from the weekend:

frusion is fruit + fusion. when i think of something being fused together, i think of a welding mask and sparks. plus, since two things need to be fused together, and one of them is fruit, then i ask you, "praytell, what is the other?" that's too many doubts for me. i ain't drinking that thing.

at the a's-yankees game tonight, my roommate and i watched as a man went up to the condiment bar and proceeded to refill his ketchup bottle that he brought with him. of course, this brought about a two inning discussion, where we decided that the act in itself wasn't just cheap, but also psychotic. i mean, he saved 75 cents by doing that. the best part is the conversation he had before he went to the park - "honey, i'm going to the game tonight." "have a nice time, dear. hey, while you're there, can you fill up this ketchup bottle with some of that free stuff?" yep, this is surely a woman's idea. call me a chauvinist, but a man would never do that or even think of doing that under his own volition.

i actually agree with what kanye west said within a majority, but i think his timing is completely distasteful. he has every right to his opinion, but there's a time and a place, and a telethon to help the hurricane victims isn't it. that being said, his new album "late registration" is completely amazing, a mesmerizing display of his incredible talents as a songwriter, producer and lyricist. it's completely original in every way - every single way. and that makes it not just a great rap album; it's a great album period. check it out.

and i really didn't like the season-ending episode of "entourage" at all. everything was forced, really forced in - and this is coming from a series that was so masterful at being so effable that it was so comforting just to sit back and watch everything unfold. it's funny; the four friends are very good at playing their characters - to the point where you really get the feeling that they're just playing themselves. and last night, all of their characters really went through something - and outside of kevin dillon, they crapped the bed. it was a little too much to feel sad or anxious or confused. it's still a great show, one of the top five on tv. it was just disappointing last night.

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