Monday, October 09, 2006

how this is shocking for the wrong reasons

in the headline "hilton, richie seen at L.A. steakhouse", is the shocker that they were seen together, thawing out a year-long icefest between the two, or that these two thimbletoes were at a steakhouse?

you know where i stand on this.

by the way, they ate at dan tana's in beverly hills. i've eaten their steaks. they are delicious. in fact, their most delicious steak is named "the dabney coleman" because he's devoured that steak three times a week for twenty years. for ten of those years, he ate the dabney coleman with harry dean stanton and evel knievel. that's what the waiter told me. you can't make that up.

so, what i'm trying to say is that paris hilton and nicole richie might have eaten the dabney coleman. and then, in the bathroom, they probably threw him up.

now that is awesome.

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