Thursday, October 12, 2006

how the crash was an accident but the coverage is overdone

of course, it's terrible that cory lidle drove his plane into a building. but now that he's dead, do we all have to hear all these athletes talk for him?

you know, "he'd want us to play on" and "he was doing what he loved" and all that crap we've heard millions of times over said by an endless line of athletes in the baseball fraternity, most of whom never met him.

and don't forget all these baseball commentators waxing poetically about life and baseball, saying that "athletes shouldn't be putting their careers in jeopardy" and "athletes live on the edge" and all that crap we've heard millions of times over, even though they're just as guilty as they charge.

i just think it's gonna be overdone and overanalyzed and overregurgitated because it's an easy way for stupid people to overwatch it and to get marketers to overpay for the ad space.

here's everything we needed to know: yankee pitcher cory lidle died by crashing his plane into a building in the upper east side. it was an accident. he left behind a wife and a six-year-old child. one other person died. it had nothing to do with terrorism and alec baldwin was temporarily inconvenienced.

i got that done in five sentences, maybe six if you break up the last one. there's no real updates past that. i mean, that's it. but today on espn is gonna be nothing but the same diatribes over and over again. the same cliches. the same words spoken by different people - all because he's somewhat famous - and without a word about the other victim.

i guess i won't watch espn today.

call me coldhearted, but i just don't want to hear it.

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