Wednesday, October 18, 2006

how i wish i were in the boardroom

when papa john's pizzeria first heard the idea from their agency for their new killer ad campaign - "things that make you go mmmm".

but since i wasn't, i'll recreate it here:

agency guy: "so we're going to show action shots of people really enjoying their papa john's pizza, especially with pepperoni, and over the montage, we'll be playing, now catch this, a fresh jingle called 'things that make you go mmmm.'"

client: "things that make you go mmmm? that sounds vaguely familiar."

agency guy: "you might remember a song called 'things that make you go hmmm' by this hip-hop rapping band called dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince. it was popular years ago but today, it's still as fresh and relevant as ever."

client: "fresh and relevant? just like our pizza. i like it. what's my demographic? someone get me my demographic!"

agency account guy: "what we're trying to do is to tap into the urban market, and by making a version of that rap classic, we're telling the urban market that papa john's pizza knows them and gets them and that they should order from us."

client: "it makes us edgy, yes?"

agency guy: "the edgiest of all pizza chains".

client: "you are all creative geniuses. i applaud your artistry. and tell me, what has happened to this fresh prince character?"

agency guy: "he's probably in jail for a drug possession charge with ten kids!"

everyone laughs in unison.

end scene.

scarily, i probably ain't too far from the truth. and yes, i know who actually sang it.