Thursday, October 26, 2006

how irony can be so damn ironic sometimes

here's a link to website for a search engine for msn.

and here's a link to a critique about it on

what if i told you that i was a writer on some of her funny responses? (i need to get a quicker connection and a list of what i wrote to find what i contributed to it, although most of what my friend heather and i wrote might be a little too racy for a corporate computing company based in a suburb of seattle)

and what if i told you that the critiquer was a cowriter and friend of mine at the stony brook press while in college?

and what if i told you that, when writing for the press, i would hand my articles into dave and he would critique them?

and what if i told you that, like now, he usually liked what i did.

ten years laer, and it's all over again. except we're bpth getting paid for it.

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Anonymous said...

what if i couldn't believe what a small world it is sometimes?

and what if steveoh was still a damn genius, nearly 10 years post college?

keep up the good work! and gimme a shout next time you're in NYC.