Saturday, October 21, 2006

how if you're stoned, you really shouldn't sit next to a writer

this is an actual conversation by a couple who were stoned out of their minds and sat next to me in a theater before we all watched "the departed".

man: "hey, did you know our governator was in, like, a whole bunch of movies with jesse ventura, who was also a governator. yeah. there was one movie, 'total recall', where they were friends and they were fighting this animal, but then they got turned on each other and then fought each other, but, no, wait, that was 'predator'. they fought each other in 'predator'. anyways, they were probably talking back stage about being governers and shit."

woman: "how about 'running man'?"

man: "oh, yeah, you should see that too. ventura was great in that."

woman: "rad".

okay, for the record...
jesse and arnold were commandos fighting the evil monster in "predator". they did fight against each other in "running man". and jesse wasn't in "total recall".

marijuana is a wonderful drug.

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