Tuesday, October 03, 2006

how i'm about as sick to my stomach as i possibly could be

as a mets fan, i can deal with pedro martinez being out of the playoffs and into next year. we've been preparing for that all year, and he did more than his fair share of heavy lifting this year. godspeed, pedro.

but with el duque possibly tearing his calf while jogging today, the day before he starts game one of the NLDS, well, is this some sort of joke?

i've never heard of a team losing two starting pitchers the week that the playoffs begin. i really haven't. that's completely insane.

it's insane.

could you imagine how bad off we'd be if tom glavine couldn't come back from his aneurysm? i shudder to think.

provided that el duque is gone, we're down to three starting pitchers, one of whom has been terrible this year.

what the hell just happened to our season?

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