Monday, October 02, 2006

how i doubt we could find one - just one - politician who is decent

in case you haven't read florida representative mark foley's e-opus of love, one thing will shock you: did he really think this wouldn't get out?

and even though basically everyone in congress knew about his proclivities, nobody said or did a thing.

so he's a pedophile and an idiot. and given permission to be one by the spineless idiots around him.

lawmakers, all of them.

and they're all flawed. but not flawed like you and me. flawed like comic book supervillain, demented beyond your wildest nightmares, things that will make you cringe. there really seems to be nobody serving our country with a shred od dignity, decency or common sense.

i know that's not true, but am i that far from the truth?

just one normal one. that's all i ask.

then again, are they really out there? or do they just become scum when they enter office? is it something in the air of washington?

and what does it say about us, the voters? can't we just spot the pedophiles and the liars beforehand? or are we just choosing the lesser of evils?

where are the child molesters? the axe murderers? the shit eaters? and how soon will they govern us?

i just don't get it. i really don't.

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