Wednesday, October 18, 2006

how i have one issue with "studio 60"

first off, i really like this show. i think it's one of the most intriguing and well-developed concepts out there. it's kinda fun seeing something we've all experienced week after week stripped down - even if in a fictionalized way. and it's very well-acted and well-directed and impossibly well-done in every aspect. they're spending a lot of money to make it, and you can see it in every scene.

but i gotta say: i'm not sure if i'm totally digging the writing. wait, i take that back. i dig the writing - it's very smart - but all the characters talk exactly the same way and their sense of humors are all exactly the same. it's like watching a kevin smith movie, except with much more craft and couth.

i'm not saying it ain't funny. it is very funny. it's just funny in the same way all the time. life isn't like that. hell, the best sitcoms aren't like that. look at "cheers". every character had their own unique style, delivery, sense of humor. right now, all the characters seem like one character. maybe when the characters are more developed, it'll develop.

speaking of characters, i think i'm falling in love with harriet hayes, with her humor, her convictions, her confidence, her self-comfort. she's extremely appealing, and of course, she's easy to look at. really easy to look at. i think if she were real, i'd be full of smit.

in fact, i haven't felt this way about a fictional character since clementine in "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind".

does that make me delusional?

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