Sunday, July 31, 2005

how you should never doubt shatner

one of the many cool things about apple products is that if you're connected to a server, you have the ability of sharing what's on your i-pod with other people's i-pods on the network. so, for example, someone can access my i-pod and listen to the red thread or the decemberists and i can access what they have, like hot hot heat or the fiery furnaces.

or william shatner.

seems that he came out with an album called "has been" that has had some incredible buzz to it. then again, most anything that ben folds puts his talents on usually does very well. hell, even their first collaboration, "in love", was pretty damn good, but i also thought it was a one-trick pony - shatner's strange oration over a well-hooked song.

wrong. "has been" is more of that and so much better.


yes, i know he's both kirk and hooker. yes, i know he's a parody of himself. but trust me, he's really got something going on here. for some odd reason, his spoken word and his strangely sublime lyrics and the music behind him matches up extraordinarily well, not to mention shockingly different.

once you get past the whole "it's shatner" thing and concentrate on the product, you'll realize that it's pretty damn good and worth at least a listen, but you'll really should give it a couple of whirls. it ain't "abbey road" but it ain't deep blue something either.

did i really write this?

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