Monday, July 11, 2005

how you can wear clever

i saw these shirts at hot topic in the staten island mall. i didn't buy them because they were flimsy looking, but they made me laugh. they're state slogan shirts, and i've ranked them in order from "i chuckled" to "my stomach hurt".

6. utah: we spread the love.
5. illinois: the last s is silent, stupid.
4. welcome to new jersey. you say somethin?
3. what happens in kentucky should stay in kentucky.
2. delaware. which state is that in?

and the best, in my opinion:

1. canada: america's hat


mary said...

you should've bought the kentucky one.

E. Diddy said...

or perhaps, "what happens in kentucky shouldn't happen anywhere". but where is good ole virginia's state slogan when we need it? that's the best one.

Anonymous said...

Wait, which state is Canada in?

mary said...

"what happens in kentucky is basically the same thing that happens anywhere, only for some reason is vastly underexploited everywhere else to the rest of humanity." for some reason. i don't know why.