Sunday, July 31, 2005

how you should never doubt hitch

this weekend, there was a pseudo-alfred hitchcock festival at the castro theater. basically, they're playing seven of his best films with guest speakers doing q&a's. for example, between "the birds" and "marnie", tippi hedrin gave a speech about how it was to be hitch's leading lady and the affection/abuse he had for her and yet how amazing it was to work for a master.

between "strangers on a train" and "rope", pat hitchcock (his daughter) talked about having small roles in his films and added some other nice things to say - when she got a chance to, that is, whenever the fat yenta who interviewed her that nobody came to see or hear decided to give her some very quick airtime to be heard. what an asshole.

anyway, there was some great stories and witticisms, but none funnier than this one, told by his daughter.

supposedly, during the filming of "lifeboat", a crew member came up to hitch and told him that tallulah bankhead (the star) wasn't wearing any underwear, and asked him what they should do about it. hitch said, "well, i'm not gonna approach that one." the crew member asked who he wanted to take care of it. hitch thought about it and said, "well, i haven't decided. it's either make-up or hairdressing."

anyway, here was the line-up of films. and if you're not a big fan of the greatest cinematic master who ever lived, you can start here.

the birds
strangers on a train

throw in the 39 steps, north by northwest and notorious and you'll be well on your way.

the reason i bring this up is that hollywood is about to serve you so much shit on a $10 plate, but there's so much more out there to eat.

and there's no better dish than a hitchcock film.

then again, if you like the taste of "deuce bigalow: european gigolo", then there's really nothing i can do for you.

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