Friday, July 01, 2005

how credit can sometimes be extended to everyone

i just saw "batman begins", and it completely blew me away. christopher nolan wrote and directed an amazing script, one that gives a humanity to a superhero. and the way it was unfolded and shot, well, i haven't seen anything that just never been told that way. batman is a regular man bent on revenge. he's a psychological warrior without superpowers. he is a detective and a scientist.

that hasn't always shined through. it does now. and although that might not sound appetizing, it makes for the best stories. you can relate to this man and his motives.

and i loved how there was a perfectly reasonable rationale for the villains in the film. they weren't evil; they just had a different way, demented as it may be.

again, it's refreshing - and surprising.

i'm shocked that warner brothers made this movie. it's not for children. the superhero doesn't really seem marketable. it's very dark and very intelligent. yeah, there can be a sequel, but there doesn't have to be. it wasn't over-the-top. and there wasn't really a bankable scene or action movie moment that can be transcended.

it's a movie about a guy with a vendetta. it's a great movie. it doesn't seem like a big summer blockbuster event - much like how they're churning out "fantasttic 4" or how they made the clooney-schumacher "batman" abortions. it's brave because it must be totally against their corporate hollywood studio instincts.

then again, warner brothers should just be commended for hiring christopher nolan and leaving him alone (which i'm sure they really didn't, but they did buy off on this amazing script). i mean, they totally could have gone schumacher again. or, god forbid, they could have gone michael bay on us.

god forbid.

finally, hollywood is getting comic book heroes correct. by making them human, we can relate to them. then again, there weren't more human comic books than "batman" or "spider-man".

too bad that streak is gonna break. i have a terrible feeling that "fantastic 4" is gonna suck.

by the way, as my friend will points out, is there a more inspired casting choice than willie nelson as uncle jesse in "the dukes of hazzard" movie? and how ideal are johnny knoxville and stiffler as the duke boys? and is there anyone more daisy duke than jessica simpson?

am i the only one who can't wait for it?


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