Thursday, July 21, 2005

how you just know

i'm not sure if i've got supernatural skillz, or maybe everyone else does but doesn't publicize it, but you can usually look at a kid and know how he's gonna turn out. take my nephew, for instance. he's gonna be a superstar in whatever he does. it's obvious.

anyway, while sitting in the airport waiting for my jet blue flight, i noticed (actually, couldn't help staring) at this woman trying to calm down her young son, who couldn't stop crying over trivial shit - even shit that's trivial for a four-year-old.

he cried and whined and bitched and didn't stop and he just broke down - over a stupid toy or something.

and as i watched the kid, it hit me. maybe it was a breeze of the supernatural, but i was able to look at this whining and crying kid and see what the future held for him.

i don't want to ruin a surprise, so if anyone reading this knows this kid, please stop now if you don't want to know his destiny. because, when this kid grows up, i have fortetold, he's gonna be a pussy.

and he's gonna need boxing lessons pronto.

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