Saturday, July 02, 2005

how you can hear but not listen

i've been watching live 8 all day long, and it's really been an amazing achievement. not just the music, but the statements being made. don't get me wrong: watching paul mccartney and pink floyd and stevie wonder and green day and jay-z and the who and coldplay and u2 and madonna and rem and alicia keys and on and on and on is a fantastic show, no matter why or where. but it's all about urging the leaders of the world to make solving the hunger problem the top priority. you know, saving lives, not taking them.

and the fact that they're not taking any donations or charging a fee proves that their hearts and intentions are in the right place.

and, although mtv and their vapid vjs have been going into the crowd and asking the crowd insipid questions and getting even denser answers, a mighty big statement is being made: millions are gathering and hoping that they're being heard.

check out these crowds:

it's an amazing statement. i've certainly listenend and learned.

but, honestly, do you really think the world leaders actually give a shit? not that they don't want to do something about it, but how important is it to them? do you really think this is gonna change their minds or priorities? do you really think over a billion opinions can change eight?

yeah, me neither.

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