Friday, July 22, 2005

how it's never too late for props

i haven't updated y'all about what i've seen, heard or enjoyed. so here it is:

war of the worlds - it didn't suck. it also wasn't the best movie ever. it just kinda was, and for what is was, it wasn't bad. the movie just gets right into it and keeps you running and somewhat tense throughout. i would have really liked it if it didn't have the worst ending ever. but that's what you get with a spielberg film - a great lead-up towards a terrible ending that just doesn't make any sense. it's okay, steven; not everything needs to be tightly tied together. it's called life. still, i had fun. and isn't that the point of summer blockbusters anyway?

hogan knows best - okay, okay, okay, i know, i know that i was a huge hulkamaniac growing up. i don't dispute that. and what i also won't dispute is that hulk hogan is a good father and his kids are, well, good kids. and it's kinda funny seeing this intimidating figure having a soft spot for a 16-year-old and a 14-year-old. it's not the osbournes - which was great because ozzy is a mess - but it's not TGIF on ABC either. there's nothing dysfunctional about it; it's just an average family with an extra-large sized father. good stuff.

kings of leon's "aha shake heartbreak" - this really shook me up. their first album was really, i don't know, corporate sounding. but this one is raw and energetic and i can't understand one thing the lead singer warbles. but he uses his voice as an instrument, and it layers perfectly over these really well-crafted songs. really great stuff, and very hard to put down. or shut off. yeah, shut off. that makes more sense than put down.

beck at the bill graham auditiorium, san francisco - the coolest thing about seeing beck live is to hear his amazing range while looking at him and saying, "wow. all that came from that dude over there, huh?" his newest album "guero" is ever bit as good as his classic "odelay", and he played plenty from both. and it doesn't sound the same live as it does on disc; then again, how can it? there's so much that he layers into a track that it would be impossible to replicate (if you don't cheat). and he doesn't cheat anyone. the coolest part was when he told his band to take a break and eat some chinese food on stage on a table while he played his slow stuff. and, as they finished eating, they wound up backing him by playing their forks on their plates and glasses. great great stuff. great stuff. and it helps that beck is the coolest cat this side of the beastie boys.

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