Tuesday, April 24, 2007

how you just know that the people in charge just won't be able to stop themselves

scientists have supposedly found a planet in a distant galaxy that might be hospitable for human life.

so, when our current planet drowns itself from global warming, the richest of us will at least have an alternative place to relocate to.

and the name of this place, you may ask?

581 c.

yep, you read that right.

581 c.

you know that's gonna change. there's no way we're gonna move everyone to a planet that sounds like the dewey decimal system. that just ain't sexy enough, you know?

what this means, of course, is that there's gonna be a huge bidding war over the naming rights over that planet. i mean, what corporation wouldn't want their name on a planet that is a viable refuge from the destructive causes of human beings? do you know how many units you could push with that sort of branding?

just wait. in fifty years, we'll be hearing something like "the way this global warming is happening, maybe we should buy a ticket headed for Microsoft Planet 2058 Second Edition" .

or something like "i just got an email from the rubensteins, and they just love Second Earth presented by AT&T".

or, hell, even something like "can you believe the prices for a one-way nonrefundable ticket for a flight to EyeMDLink.com Planet?"

i fear for our future.

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