Saturday, April 14, 2007

how i spent my time in cleveland

people call cleveland "the mistake by the lake". it is no mistake. it is actually a city full of beautiful gothic buildings. it just so happens to be right by a lake.

that being said, there was nothing to do there. and the food left taste to be desired.

but that's okay. i wasn't in cleveland for any of that. but i did find an incredible treasure.

the following are camera photos of the cleveland arcade which absolutely took my breath away. i stumbled into it just to escape from the cold, but got so much more. it's actually a part of the hyatt regency, and the shops are relatively nonexistant. if i were ever to go to cleveland again, i'd do my best to stay here. it's that gorgeous.

or course, right after i left the arcade, i saw this ad on this bus, and it left me with such a horrible image with my mind.

yep. it says "like richard simmons, minus those shorts".

stupid cleveland.

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