Sunday, April 08, 2007

how i think this can be read a couple of ways

while getting some cizzash from the atm in my neighborhood, i saw a postcard sitting beside the monitor screen. it was an artist's rendition of a lizard, and...ah, well, here it is.

of course, i turned it over, and this is what it said:

(if you can't read something that small, just click on it)

so, that's interesting, considering that "Q" is a restaurant on 4th avenue, and "giorgio's" is a pizzeria on 3rd.

yes, it seems like it's a waitress war.

what happened?

scenario one
sandra, the hot stuff giorgio girl, was fooling around with the boyfriend of either ursula and tiffany. this was not a recent fling. he might have just stated it in an off-hand way. of course, that set off ursula (i'm picking her), so she took her friend tiffany and confronted sandra about it. sandra admitted it (why should she care?) but it still ticked off ursula, who was jealous because she is insecure. so now ursula and tiffany do walk-bys past giorgio's, and sandra's all pissed off about it. so she wrote this postcard to them. it was passive aggressive, but that's how we do in san francisco.

scenario two
sandra is actually currently fooling around with ursula's boyfriend. when ursula found out about it, she summoned tiffany and confronted her. sandra was kinda put off about it, saying "if you want to address me, we do it one on one, so get your skanky ho outta here". but ursula's no fool. the confrontation got hot, but no punches were thrown. ursula's pissed off because this wench is stealing her guy. sandra's pissed because ursula brought tiffany with her. this has the potential to be an explosive situation.

scenario three
sandra found out that her boyfriend was cheating with either ursula or tiffany (or ursula and tiffany or - better yet- ursula and tiffany at exactly the same time). she dumped her boyfriend because what good is he anyway, and doesn't want to be bothered with this situation past a postcard and ink. now she feels closure, but ursula and tiffany are plotting sweet revenge.

scenario four
sandra interviewed for a job at Q, and ursula and tiffany didn't hire her.

either way, the only winner is the boyfriend.

well played.

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