Wednesday, April 04, 2007

how i hope that nbc realizes that it's a brand new world

i understand that the nielsen ratings are a barometer for networks to base their ad rates on. and i completely grasp that television shows are basically renting time on the networks, and that they have to pay their rent.

i get all that.

but i also get that with the advent of watching an entire season of a series on dvd, a show's first year neilsen ratings may not be indicative of its ratings for the next season. you just can't expect the populace to jump into the middle of a season and expect to follow it.

before seasons on dvds, you almost have to make an uninformed decision at the start of the season and stick with it, and the fate of that series will be determined by that.

with dvds, you can make up for it. and, hopefully, critical acclaim will be in high tide.

why am i harping on this? because i really don't want "friday night lights" to be cancelled.

it's truly the best show on television - or, at least, i can't imagine a show being as well written, directed and acted as this. at least, it's in the same boat at "the sopranos" and "the wire".

it's truly a remarkable achievement in storytelling and authenticity. last night's episode, the season's penultimate, was unspeakably terrific. and, with each week, incredibly, it just keeps getting better.

it's too late for all y'all to catch up with it now.

but the dvds are released during the summer.

i'll let you know.

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