Sunday, April 29, 2007

how i'm very late with this because i thought it would suck, but it didn't suck, so i suck

i just caught the saturday night live repeat with peyton manning, and it was actually hilarious.

the funny part about it is that i had no doubt that he would be funny; it's SNL that i was worried about. peyton's perfect deadpan wouldn't seem to work in sketch comedy (although it should).

but it worked.

much has been said about the united way ad spoof he was in, and yeah, it's great. but here's a great sketch from the episode, and it includes the second funniest line i've heard on television this year: "i walked around all day with sliced ham in my pants, just so i could have a secret".

it's second only to "live every week like it's shark week" by tracy jordan on "30 rock". honestly, that one is very hard to beat.

then go check out "maraka", a perfect robert smigel take on "dora the explorer". it's delightfully demented.

also, for the record, and i know that all of you have been awaiting for me to give an official ruling on this, musical guest carrie underwood has really got it going on.

like, really really really got it going on.

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