Wednesday, April 25, 2007

how this is strangely compelling in short bursts

the creators and star of came by the agency today to talk about the project, how they do it, their business model and any other stuff involved in lifecasting.

hold on, steveoh. what's it's a mix of "the truman show" and "being john malkovich", where you can see what's going on in justin's life through a camera clipped to his baseball hat. so what's streaming on the web is what justin's looking at currently. it's on 24/7, and it's got a chat board and highlights.

unlike "the truman show", he's aware of what's going on. and unlike "being john malkovich", you can't hear internal thoughts. otherwise, it's an interesting concept - and yes, somewhat geeky.

i had no interest in them until they came to the agency and answered our questions. i was able to ask them a question (and gained my 30 seconds of fame on the internet - yet again). from that point, they were out of my mind.

until tonight, just now, at 10:50pm, when i went onto, you know, just to see what he was doing at 10:50pm.

he was playing cards.

that is what i found interesting: seeing exactly what someone else is doing at the same exact moment. peeking into their life. trying to predict what's happening next.

it's worth checking out. and if anyone wants to place any bets, i'm game.

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