Sunday, July 02, 2006

how goodbyes could also mean hello

and i'm not talking about aloha or ciao.

i went to my friends sue and dylan's goodbye party as they're moving to portland. dylan runs badman records, and he promised that one of his artists would play at his shinding in this little dive bar in potrero hill. (and no, it wasn't his biggest find - my morning jacket. they're too busy opening for pearl jam).

anyways, although i went there just to wish them good luck in one of my favorite cities, i became privy to a live performance by mark mallman, who is 1/3 ben folds, 1/3 the darkness and 1/3 marc bolan, which adds up to 100% fantastic.

if you ever get a chance to see him perform live (and he mostly plays in the midwest), then do so. you don't need to know his songs to follow along. he's more comedy than anything else. i mean, he's talented and a good singer and piano player, but he played the hell out of his set - jumping around, cracking jokes, talking to the crowd, gyrating. good stuff, really good stuff.

znyways, i just ordered his cd.

so from a goodbye comes a hello.

funny how things work out like that.

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