Sunday, July 09, 2006

how when you're a member of the jewish community center, you become jewish by proxy

the jcc in san francisco is really a fantastic gym. modern equipment, all with their own cable tvs, two full-court basketball courts, five lane swimming pool, tons of classes and top-notch amenities. it's well worth my $80 per month. i'm getting a good deal out of it.

they also have a parking lot with a security guard. and while walking to the gym, i noticed a car pull in, and the security guard asked for the trunk to be opened, after which the guard looked around, searching, searching, searching.

that's freaky stuff that you don't have to consider at crunch or 24-hour fitness.

there's also a sign in the front desk with a photo of a man with copy reading, "if you see this man, alert security". this might mean he's some dude who went nuts with an instructor, or something else.

it comes with the membership at the jcc.

i usually shoot around by myself on an empty court. and despite my nine-year layoff, i can still fill it. it might take me longer to get going, but once my legs, shoulders and wrist all get coordinated, i'm pretty dead-on from the outside.

yesterday, something was off, and i couldn't pick it up. so, with each miss, i cursed myself out loud, with the obligatory "jesus christ!" i must have said that, oh, eight or nine times.

yeah, i probably should have picked someone more old testament.


it comes with he membership.


Jaime Schwarz said...

I used to live right by that JCC and remember when it was being built, it truly is a spectacularly huge building. There's a JCC across the bay that pales in comparison. But the point of this post is just to welcome you to the clan. L'Chaim to you my brother!

Anonymous said...

monroe community college

Anonymous said...

stay after class