Thursday, July 06, 2006

hoe letterman is always relevant, even if it's coincidental

i'm watching a repeat of "late night with david letterman". i know it's a repeat because he's talking about last night's finale of "american idol" - and that happened two months ago.

in his monologue, he says, and i quote, "it's a hot day across america. in fact, it's so hot, ken lay has been put in the cooler".


again, this was filmed two months ago - the day after "american idol", and the day lay was sentenced for his role in the enron scandal. hence, the "cooler" joke.

now it's two months later, and they run this episode, which i'm sure was set in stone weeks in advance, and it just so happens to be on the day that ken lay died - or, as it's called, "put on ice".

what a friggin' coincidence, huh? that two-month old joke is still precisely current.

i'm sure it was completely unplanned, but wow.

just one of those things.

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