Saturday, July 08, 2006

how my defense of boxing is a sweet science will never die

i'm watching a jr. middleweight world championship fight between roman karmazin and cory spinks.

actually, roman "made in hell" karmazin and cory "the jinx" spinks. i think those are two of the coolest nicknames in sport.

anyways, if you don't know how poetic boxing can be, you'd just watch this fight and say it's just two guys beating each other up. but there's just so much more to the sport.

in fact, this fight is a battle of feet much more than a battle of fists.

spinks is a lefty. karmazin is a righty. and that means that their lead feet are facing each other. if spinks can get his right foot outside karmazin's left foot, it allows him to move around the ring and keeps him out of reach from karmazin's right hook to the body. if karmazin gets his right foot outside spinks' left, it allows him to corral him and measures him up for combos to the body.

you can tell who's winning the engagements just by looking at their feet. it's fascinating, really.

and it's poetic to watch. at least it is for me.

see? it's science.

UPDATE: spinks just won the fight. majority decision. for the championship. in his hometown. and he's bawling in his interview, not in pain but with joy. it's actually a touching scene. he can't stop crying while praising his opponent. great stuff.

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