Monday, July 03, 2006

how to pimp out my homies

two shows, two great people, two different coasts:

my friend mandy will be performing at the laugh lounge in soho on saturday, august 12 at 7pm. so, if you happen to be in new york and want to see a funny comedienne and one of the finest people around, check her out.

she didn't give me any more info than that. but when i get more, the more i'll post.

and my friend heather will be performing again with "the heather gold show" at the jcc on friday, july 21 at 8pm.

the theme is being self-made. how do you move from wanting something to make it happen? how do you stretch your comfort zone in any area of your life?

her guests are:

one of time magazine’s 100 most influential people, caterina fake (the co-founder of flickr); comedian w. kamau bell (comedy central, dave chappelle opener); and psychologist dr. lillian rubin.

also, heather hired a young upstart director to put it all together and film the whole thing.

let's hope he doesn't screw it all up.

please don't let me screw it up.

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Anonymous said...

You won't screw it up. We have the utmost confidence in you. But if you do, we know where you live. BTW, depending upon events that should occur in early August (or late July) and the health of all, I'll try to talk Mom into going to see Mandy.