Tuesday, July 04, 2006

how i am happy that i procrastinated (or, how the italian panini shop below me is going crazy right now)

the italy-germany world cup game was the best soccer game i've ever seen.

keep in mind that the list is short, but still, it was great, with italy scoring two goals with three minutes remaining in overtime to win. wow. great stuff, really fantastic stuff.

my favorite part was after the game, when they showed the italian players hugging their wives and girlfriends, and then when they released, you realized that they were actually hugging their teammate. classic.

seriously, stop the ponytails.

and seriously again, they're going crazy right now right below me at caffe i don't remember the name. horns are being honked. meatballs are being eaten. people are cheering italia! italia! italia! the way things are going here, you figure they're gonna set up another corrupt government. it's been a year. it's about time.

(and before anyone complains, i'm sicilian).

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Anonymous said...

man, the 2 goal was kind of rubbing it in.