Sunday, July 02, 2006

how this is the most disturbing local commercial ever

first off, wait for this spot to load and watch it.

it takes a while to load because you're also waiting for the lawsuit.

there's no way that gmc would allow a mulleted lunatic with a cocked shotgun to say "gmc. we are professional grade" on something that airs. i'm sure they have no idea that's been made or is being seen by their customer base - or, worse yet, prospective customer base. that's fantastic on so many levels. i love subversive stuff like that, even when it borders on the criminal.

second, he's threatening to blow away his competition. while holding a shotgun. that he cocks. and he lets everyone in the bay area know about his intentions.

third, you would think someone with a gun would have two hotter models by his side.

fourth, 1-800-not-so-fresh-start? nice zinger. chuckles all around.

fifth, he COCKS A SHOTGUN in a commercial!

awesome awesomeness.

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