Monday, March 06, 2006

how i guess hollywood knew how to quit "brokeback mountain"

i'm gonna be honest: i'm shocked that "crash" won for best picture. i thought it was a better picture than "brokeback", but wow. i loved hearing the surprise in jack nicholson's voice when he announced it too.

here's what i liked about the oscars:

1. jon stewart ripping on the crowd, and then cutting to them and nobody's laughing. is there a bigger collection of people anywhere that's as full of themselves as a hollywood awards show?

2. his jokes about cheney shooting bjork and how the oscars is the only time hollywood votes for a winner.

3. hollywood recognizing the difficulties in being a pimp. and i don't know who the 3-6 mafia is, but i like them. jon stewart's right; that's how you should accept an oscar, with that much joy and energy.

4. george clooney is the coolest and most down-to-earth guy in hollywood. good for him.

5. i think that american express commercial with m. night shamalayan is the best thing he's done since "the sixth sense" - but that's not exactly setting a high bar.

6. god, i hate saying this, but i thought ben stiller was hysterical in his green leotard.

7. in the opening skit, the creepy way david letterman said he wanted to spend more time with steve martin's kids.

8. lily tomlin and meryl streep talking over each other when they introduced robert altman. that was great stuff.

9. jessica alba.

otherwise, it's your usual self-inflating and boring awards show, just like every other year.

nothing beats patting yourself on the back and televising it, and then giving everyone who attends a $110,000 goodie bag.

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How I Died Today said...

To your #1, yes, it's called a collection of advertising people at an award show.