Friday, March 10, 2006

how i'm taking my biggest stance ever

i had this idea.

i was on the bus today, sitting next to a woman who talked on her cellphone the whole damn way. she was loud, and she really didn't say anything important. it was just small talk with a friend that everyone on the bus had the priviledge of listening to.

i got pissed off.

usually, whenever something like this happens, i do play-by-play about her conversation with the stranger sitting next to me. but she was sitting next to me. i had nobody to talk to.

besides, that's not enough. i decided that i needed to make a stand, passive aggressively.

so, tonight, i started another blog: (actually, but that doesn't flow).

here's my idea: every time i hear someone talk on the cellphone, i write about their conversation and even offer my insights. i think it would be very funny. besides, they're making their personal calls public. why shouldn't i make them even more public?

then i got to thinking: why don't i invite my friends from around the country to join me? you know, make this a collective of angry people looking to take a stand with me.

so, as people get more and more obnoxious with their public displays of private conversations, we'll get even more obnoxious with our reviews of them.

i think it's come down to this, and we're ready.


and don't be scared. the steveohville speakeasy is still open, moreso than ever.

but there's also room in this world for everyone hears you.

1 comment:

Jaime Schwarz said...

fucking brilliant man, now i'll actually listen to those convos instead of tuning them out and make those lemons lemonade in my own twisted vengeful way, well, your way.