Sunday, March 19, 2006

how this won't draw men to a women's game

remember when finally one of your friends could dunk a basketball, and it was a big deal, and when it happened, the word got around and before you know it, that friend were dunking for everyone? i remember when i saw one of my teammates dunked when i was a freshman in high school, and then i remember when i dunked a year later or so - and it was a big deal for my non-basketball playing friends.

well, the reason i'm bringing this up is because it really wasn't a big deal.

that's why the more i hear about candace parker dunking in a game, the more i don't understand why it's a big deal. she's 6'4" and she plays for tennessee and the dunk was crappy. i'm a 5'11" white guy. hers looked much like one of mine.

that's a guy's point of view. when it's exciting for someone 6'4" to dunk, then it doesn't say much for the rest of the game. it's highlighting something you can see in any playground at any time.

which brings me to the point of this post (finally): judging by the media buy and the tone of their ads, women's basketball seems to be targeting men, trying to get a new audience to watch their game, a more corporate audience.

i think the dunk hurts the effort.

there's much to like about women's basketball - mostly about how it's a great role model for young girls everywhere, the fundamental play, the teamwork, etc. those are their strengths, the things it has over the nba. that's how it should be marketed.

you're not going to a women's game to see candace parker barely dunk. it's a big deal for women and young girls everywhere. but it ain't bringing any men to the game.

it's just the more it's pointed up, the more you realize how unspectacular it is, which means that the more you compare it, the lesser it seems.

i think, if you're gonna talk to men, you gotta point out that she had 26 points in 26 minutes, and added five rebounds, a career-high seven assists, four blocks and two steals.

now that is impressive to anyone.

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RBrown said...

Also potentially attractive to men: an ad with some topless women with their chests painted at a WNBA game or pictures of the ad students actually painting the women's bare chests before the shoot, even lifting up their breasts to make sure to paint underneath.

(*and thus we come to the ending of another segment of "shameless self-promotion of RBrown's student book"*)