Sunday, March 26, 2006

how you can get lost in the brilliance

as great as last night's "sopranos" episode was - and how mesmerizing and engaging that scene outside the family reunion was, how we were all pining for tony - what can easily get lost is how great of an actress edie falco is.

especially the scene with dr. melfi. if you get a chance to watch it again, just check out how vulnerable she sits in the chair, feet pointing inward, shoulders slumped, as compact as possible. it's a subtle thing. but it's a big thing.

the point is, beyond how fantastic the writing and directing and acting has been this season - and it's never been higher - she's been the brightest of all the stars.

and that's saying something deep.

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Anonymous said...

edie falco's performance as she wept at tony's bedside was also mesmerizing. she's got the Golden Globe in the bag.
it's been such an intense three episodes, i can't even imagine what the next 8 hold for us. fucking awesome season. i get chills every episode. i love david chase.