Tuesday, March 07, 2006

how kirby and barry have so little in common

it's very ironic how kirby puckett died the day before barry bonds' legacy did.

they could not be any more dissimilar.

puckett was a butterball, a bowling ball in cleats, but it didn't matter because no matter what shape he took, he was one of the greatest ballplayers we ever saw - and we all knew that. there wasn't a doubt. and here's the thing: he knew that too, and he embraced it. and there's no question to his legacy now or then. although his career was cut short, his status will never.

barry has always been a hall of famer. before 1998, there was no doubt to his legacy. he was one of the greatest ballplayers we ever saw - and again, we all knew that. unquestionably. but here's the thing about barry: he didn't. he did not. if he did, he would not have taken steroids and go for the biggest accolade in the sport. he not have chased immortality. and he did it, and we cheered, but we knew. we all knew. and now, now that it's all plotted out before us, his legacy, once impeccable, is now tarnished.

buster olney at espn.com just wrote this amazing article about what could have been with barry. and he's so right about that. it was his choice, and he blew it.

god, did he blow it.

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