Monday, March 27, 2006

how there's no mystery to the way my life works

every morning i wake up at 6:47am with hopes of going on a run. you see, i like running so much that i actually wake up early for it. anyways, it's our winter, which means it rains every night, which means i usually wake to overcast skies.

i usually debate for a moment: how ominous is that dark cloud? are the streets newly wet? can i see any breakage in the sky?

with little time to spare, i usually go with my gut, and it's 50/50. sometimes i run and i get poured on. sometimes i run and ten minutes later it's beautiful outside. sometimes i go back to bed and i regret it later - or not. those are the breaks.

this weekend, during a run, i severely sprained my ankle, pulled my hamstring, wrenched my knee and jammed my shoulder when i catapulted into the sky and then head first into the pavement after hitting a lift in the sidewalk at full speed.

i feel like i've falled down the steps of the statue of liberty.

needless to say, i ain't running, at least for a week, which means there's no early morning debates.

but there wouldn't have been anyways. it's gorgeous outside.

yep, the one day i can't run, the sky is perfect. and i'm sure it'll be the same way the whole week.

isn't it funny how life always works that way.


never fails.

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Anonymous said...

ahhhhh...sorry steve-oh. that sucks. is it wrong to say that i might have initially laughed at the fall and then run to help you? sorry, but the way you explained it "catapualted through the sky" was really funny.