Saturday, March 18, 2006

how you don't have to be an expert to be given a microphone

while on my morning run, i listened to the radio telecast of the duke-george washington second round basketball game. analyst larry conley "broke down" what the teams needed to do in order to win.

for george washington, he said, and i quote, "they need to contain the two all-americans, redick and williams".

gee, thanks larry. i never would have guessed that to be a key to the game. of course. that's all they need to do, and it sounds so easy. someone alert the gw colonials and give them the gameplan.

oh, exactly how do you contain the two all-americans? well, you can't expect larry conley to tell you that. why would he? he's only a well-paid basketball radio analyst. it's only his job.

god forbid he said something like "with gw's forwards having a distinct athletic advantage over duke's forwards, it would behoove them to draw williams away from the paint and force him to guard them on the perimeter, where he is uncomfortable. they might get him in foul trouble that way. as for redick, you're gonna have to be physical with him, and gw has the luxury of having interchangeable big and athletic wings to bother redick, to give him different looks. of course, all this is easier said than done, but it's a good path for gw to tread."

instead, we got "they need to contain the two all-americans, redick and williams".

friggin idiot.

is there any analyst who actually knows what they're talking about?


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crazyvirgo said...

i wish andy katz had a radio show!