Monday, June 13, 2005

how you should only be a celebrity in los angeles

you would think that people in los angeles aren't as starstruck than in, say, indianapolis. but, then again, people in indianapolis may see celebrities as being famous for something that may not actually be worthwhile, but in los angeles, where everyone is basically chasing the same thing, celebrity is revered. they see how it's earned.

still, when a celebrity goes on trial, have mountains of evidence piled against him and have there be enough unsavoriness about the charges where even if the celebrity were innocent, they were guilty of putting themselves into that position, and it's all overlooked, well, you would think that something's wrong.

you know, especially when everybody outside of los angeles just assumes that the celebrity is guilty because there really can't be any way that they're not, and that being famous doesn't give them the right to break the laws, and that you can't really get away with everything, and that there just isn't a way, there just can't. but there is.

because the celebrity always walks free in los angeles.

and if you think i'm talking about this clown, you're right.

but i'm also talking about these clowns too:

and, in nine months, this clown:

and you know if it had gone to trial, this clown:

and i bring up indianapolis, because they were grounded enough to convict this clown:

or new york, which has enough of a middle finger to convict this clown too:

which just goes to prove that you can't spell "a nation laughs at you" without "LA".

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