Monday, June 27, 2005

how a little can go a long way

many of you remember that i ran a marathon last year in the name of my friend christine, who is currently beating the crap out of the leukemia she had. many of you gave some money. many of you offered prayers. they both worked wonders.

now my buddy jean-louis coquillot from high school is running a triathalon in her name, and if anyone has any extra cashflow laying around, please help us take on this daunting disease. think about it: to help defeat leukemia, he's gonna swim the hudson river (final burial home of countless mafia victims), bike the henry hudson parkway (home of the most ruthless drivers in the country) and run the west side of central park (and you don't want to know what goes on there). so, if you're feelin' a little charitable and willing to do just a little in our ongoing battle, please help out in our rousing defeat over leukemia.


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