Monday, June 27, 2005

how to break down the broken down

disclaimer: nothing makes me happier than writing this column.

the yankees team payroll (as of may 1) is $208,000,000. their record on june 27 is 38-37. considering they've played half a year and paid half their salaries, the math says they've spent $2.7 million per victory. the lowly kansas city royals pay $720,000 per victory. or, if you will, $2,160,000 for their recent sweep of the yanks.

the tampa bay devil rays just took 3 out of 4 from them. their payroll is $29 million, or just $3 more than the yankees' third baseman.

the yankees' starting rotation, currently 26-25 with an era of 4.75. they make $64.5 million, or more than the whole team salaries of the minnesota twins, cleveland indians, san diego padres and the florida marlins, who all have better records and better ERAs.

the yankees will spend around $143,000 every inning they play. 60 games played at that rate will give them the salary of the baltimore orioles, who currently lead them by four games in the american league east. unfortunately, there are 102 other games that need to be played.

and i pay nothing to watch this house of cards crumble.

how awesome is that?

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