Thursday, June 09, 2005

how flying has evolved

i just booked a flight to go back home to new york in july on jet blue, the last airline i will ever take. seriously, if you haven't flown with jet blue, you're just a sadomasochist. they've reinvented flying by making it enjoyable - leather seats, bring your own food, more legroom and, of course, your own personal TV.

when you go to their website, you're able to not only book a flight, but also see what's on TV when you're in the air. basically, you can see what your in-flight entertainment could be (according to your will and viewing habits).

unfortunately, i'm flying on a sunday, otherwise known as the worst television day possible.

so my choices on that day are are as follows:

american chopper
vh1 classic all request hour
espn classic boxing
himalaya with michael palin
secret japanese aircraft of WWII
vegas do's and don'ts
celebrity justice

then again, it beats watching "house of wax" and a tepid episode of "just shoot me", followed by an episode of the "today" show filmed a month ago and en espanol for our spanish-speaking travellers.

so, then again, not so bad.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Murry Povich